Results announced - 2016 Pilot twinning support scheme of the EIP on AHA

As a result of the 2016 Pilot Twinning Support Scheme of the EIP on AHA, 20 twinnings have been accepted to transfer innovation towards deployment of large-scale digitally-enabled innovative solutions in Europe.

This focus of the support scheme is on digitally-enabled innovative ICT solutions for health and care delivery for the ageing population.

The application period was open between 20 July 2016 and 15 September 2016. Applications to the scheme were made through a "joint request" (submitted through a brief online form by the adopting and transferring organisations together, requesting the twinning support, and providing details on the content of the twinning action). An independent panel made up of the Scale-AHA European project, PROEIPAHA and the European Commission accepted 20 twinning actions for funding. Twinning actions will take place between 25 October 2016 and end of January 2017. The 20 twinnings are listed below.


Originator 2016 reference site name Adopter(s) 2016 reference site name Contact person
MACVIA-France Network (FR) Campania (IT)
Catalonia (ES)
Centro Portugal (Ageing@Coimbra) (PT)
Lodz4Generations (PL)
Medical Delta (NL)
Northern Ireland (UK)
Regione Piemonte (IT)
Region of Southern Denmark (DK)
Global Alliance Chronic Respiratory Diseases Regional Network (TR)
Olomouc (CZ)
Jean Bousquet, MACVIA
Northern Ireland (UK) Catalonia (ES) Michael Scott, Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland (UK) Olomouc (CZ) Michael Scott, Northern Ireland
Pays de la Loire (FR) Porto Metropolitan Area - Porto4Ageing (PT) Elísio Costa, Porto Metropolitan Area
Northern Ireland (UK) North West Coast of England (UK) Michael Scott, Northern Ireland
Campania (IT) Asturias (ES) Ángel Retamar Arias, Asturias
Lazio (IT) Porto Metropolitan Area - Porto4Ageing (PT) Elísio Costa, Porto Metropolitan Area
Twente (NL) Campania (IT) Lex van Velsen
Andalusia (ES) City of Zagreb (HR) Ana Carriazo
Basque Country (ES) Nouvelle-Aquitaine (FR) Carole Doucet
Medical Delta Rotterdam (NL) Campania (IT) Edwig Goossens
Republic of Ireland Regional Network (COLLAGE) Campania (IT)
Catalonia (ES)
Metropolitan Area of Porto (Porto4Ageing)
Rónán O'Caoimh
Basque Country (ES) Liguria (IT) Dolores Verdoy
Galicia (ES) City of Sofia (BG) Susana Fernández Nocelo
Scotland (UK) Basque Country (ES) Dolores Verdoy
Campania (IT) Olomouc Zdeněk Gütter
Basque Country (ES) Scotland (UK) Donna Henderson
North West Coast of England (UK) Oberbergischer Kreis (DE) Wolfgang Goetzke
Scotland (UK) Andalusia (ES) Ana Carriazo
Andalusia (ES) City of Kraljevo Milan Vukovic


For all organisations participating in the twinnings there is a document containing answers to some frequently asked questions. You can download the document here.